Vineyards: The grapes come from a vineyard called ‘Paradies’ where limestone and clay dominate. Fruhburgunder, or Pinot Madeleine/ Pinot
Precoce, is an early ripening mutation of Pinot Noir. It is very similar in character, perhaps a touch more spice. This wineactually also contains a tiny bit of Pinot Noir saignée from a different fermentation.


Vinification: The grapes are destemmed and undergo a short 12 hour maceration before being pressed. Wild fermentation kicks off in steel tanks. As is standard in ‘Methode Ancestrale’ or ‘PetNat’ method, the wine is then bottled before the end of fermentation, at about 15g residual sugar. Fermentation finishes in bottle, and the trapped CO2 gives the wine its bubbles. It stays on its lees until April, at which point it is disgorged, and nothing else is added. Unfined, unfiltered, unsulphured.

Total production = 2,500 bottles


Winemaker: Jan Matthias Klein
Region: Kröv, Mosel, Germany
Grapes: 100% Fruhburgunder (also known as Pinot Madeleine)
Alcohol: 11%
Sulphur: no added sulphites
Altitude: 120m
Total Area Farmed: 9ha
Soils: Limestone/ Clay
Age of vines: 20+ yrs old

Staffelter Hof - Kiss Kiss Maddie's Lips

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