Smockshop Band is an exploration of the Columbia Gorge.


The Gorge contains a diverse range of landscapes within a small area.


It was this multitude of potential places to make wine that drew them to the Gorge.


They've been working on developing relationships with growers and landowners who share their vision of farming.


They now lease and farm twenty acres of land outside of Hiyu and purchase fruit from an additional few more.


All of the vineyards are farmed naturally and allow them access to the full spectrum of possible flavors from high altitude, cool climate sites on the western end of the Gorge to the more Mediterranean, desert influenced sites to the east.


There is 1.5 acres of Zinfandel planted here. It’s on a steep cobbled hillside on the North side of the site.


The soil is very shallow and the shoots barely reach the first wire, begin to yellow by midsummer and are struggling forsurvival.


The wine that emerges from this struggle never fails to surprise. Its always one of the last parcels to be picked, often after all the leaves have fallen and it rarely ripens beyond 22.5 brix.


The wine that results from this is a typically , perfumed, floral and delicate for Zinfandel. It tastes more like some long lost aromatic grapevariety, that only grows on the cliffs of a single village, in a forgotten mediterranean isle.

Smockshop Band - “Spring Ephemeral” Zinfandel

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