The winery is on the gently sloping mountains in Old Poddvorov, closer to Slovakian border. They own five hectares of vineyards growing on the southern and southwestern slopes of the loess subsoil. The vineyards were founded in the 13th century by Cistercian monks, who planted them with traditional French varieties.


These sites are carefully tended to. They do not use herbicides or systemic agents and prepare their own fertilisers, use compost and herb planting in between rows and believe that natural predators of pests protect the vineyards for them. They follow the recommendations and preparations of Rudolf Steiner for their biodynamic principles. It helps them to be more in tune with the vineyard and soils and have a better understanding of the land.


The result is seen in the purity of their wines.


Tasting notes

This skinsy take on a field blend where majority of Riesling shines through. Crispy green apple skin, good acidity, with lovely texture. Even though it is at only 10.5% alcohol, the weight comes from some skin contact on the grapes. We call this a breakfast wine, at such low ABV.

Krasna Hora - La Blanca

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