The Rietsch estate has been in the family for seven generations and the land was previously used for tobacco and crops.


It was Jean-Pierre’s parents who started cultivating vines in 1970s, and handed on to Jean-Pierre in 1987.  


Although Jean-Pierre is now retired, he still contributes to daily runnings and is assisted by Pierre-Etienne Grieshaber.


Le Main Verte is another contributing company, and coordinate the manual work in the vineyards yet the domaine is still very much driven by a family-led culture.


The vineyard is naturally cultivated, with terroir at the heart of the operation and no use of chemicals.


Very little sulfur is used, and only when necessary.


Wines are made with a low-pressure pneumatic press to extract gently, with a slow fermentation and indigenous yeasts.


They are also one of the few wineries in the area to experiment with skin contact wines.


A beautiful pink-orange color, resulting from the maceration of stalks and skins, this Pinot Gris offers a plant nose, which will evolve to notes of small red fruits once opened. The palate is peppered, at first warm and very fluid.


JP Rietsch - Quand Le Chat

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