Viticulture: Organic (official certification from 2018 vintage)


Vineyards: The grapes for this wine come from a vineyard called ‘Froschau’ – its soils are deeper, darker, very rich in nutrients and with a bit more humus than a few of its neighboring sites – it is possible that the high level of sedimentation in the topsoil contributes to its salty, briny
quality. Weather conditions in 2017 were a bit unpredictable but this vintage produced some wonderfully concentrated grapes with a fantastic and balanced acidity.


Vinification: The grapes were destemmed and fermented in two 600L used barrels, a process that included 24hrs on its skins. The wine stayed on its lees for 12 months in barrels, with gentle stirring
of yeasts every now again. Minimal addition of sulphur prior to bottling. No fining, no filtering.

Total Production = 1500 bottles


Winemaker: Luka Zeichmann
Region: Jois, Burgenland, Austria
Grapes: 100% Grüner Veltliner
Alcohol: 12.5%
Sulphur: 10 mg/l (added)
Altitude: nearly sea level, very low
Total Area Farmed: 0.9 hectares
Soils: Limestone/ sedimented, calcaerous topsoil
Age of vines: 40 years

Joiseph - Fogosch

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