We've teamed up with our friends at Dough Yo's in Southend to offer a unique 'Dough Flight' where we've paired some of our bottles with some incredible vegan dough treats;


1. 'Yum Yo' x Dig Brew 23-19 Beer - One epic 'Yum Yo', a vegan take on the Yum Yum paired with an amazing raspberry sour beer from Dig Brew Co (includes one Yum Yo and 2 beers) - combined tastes like a doughnut filled to the brim with fresh raspberry jam!


2. Cinammon Dough Balls x Organic Normandy Cider - A selection of Dough balls covered in cinammon and paired with an Organic apple cider from Normandy - apple and cinammon, need we say more! (includes a selection of dough balls and one bottle of 75cl Cider) - combined tastes like a lovely apple strudel!


3. Ferrero Rocher Doughnut x Lobita Loca Garnacha Wine - A dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher doughnut paired with an organic Spanish Garncha wine filled with cherry flavours (includes one doughnut and one bottle of 75cl wine) - combined tastes like a black forest gateux!


The price is £29 and is enough for 2/3 people depending on how hungry/thirsty you are and also includes delivery.


Will be available for delivery on both Friday 10th July and Saturday 11th July with orders closed off at midday on Thursday 9th July - please select which day you like prior to check out



Dough Yo's x Copa Wine - 'Dough Flight'