Costa D’Or (or Costador) Terroirs Mediterrani are around 15 different plots, scattered around Tarragona province, mostly centred around Conca de Barberà, with mountainous as well as Mediterranean influences.


The soil around here is mostly calcareous and this limestoney minerality shines through in all of these wines.


Costa D’Or farm all their vines organically, the only intervention in vineyard is the use of pheromones to repel pests, a little copper and sulphur if and when needed and sometimes the use of sodium bicarbonate to prevent powdery mildew.

After harvest, Joan places the whole berries in a large amphora (from Padilla) where they begin to ferment, mostly intact, though the weight from the grapes on top crush the grapes below, allowing the juice to pass from the bottom of the amphora upwards. The grapes are left to ferment and macerate here for 8 weeks before the juice is then pressed
off. The entire maceration period is temperature controlled to between 15 and 17 degrees celsius throughout.

After this the wine is passed back to amphora for another 9 months where it rests on the lees before being racked off and bottled.

Minimal sulphur (10mg/L) added before bottling. Joan does this just before he racks the wine as he says this is one of the most vulnerable times for it, as it is passed through the pump there is a lot of exposure to oxygen. This pinch of sulphur is the only chemical addition to the wine.

Grapes: Red Sumoll (100%)
Soil type: Stony clay
Vineyard elevation: 650m
Age of vines: 60 years
Production: 900 bottles
Sulfites added: 10mg/L before racking

Costa D’Or Terroirs Mediterrani - Metamorphika (Sumoll Amphora)

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