Winery Koráb was founded in 2006 by the Koráb brothers from Boleradice. Currently, Petr Koráb is at the helm of wine grower and cellar keeping. Petr’s main focus has been on old vineyards since the beginning – preservation of vineyards became his main objective.


For larger wine growers old vineyards are uneconomic due to lower production. However, smaller grapevine planting and original Moravian clones have – together with long roots of old grapevines have brought around a positive influence on quality and the resulting character of wine. Petr’s intention is to preserve old vineyards as a significant landscaping element of a Moravian village, and, first of all, to make authentic Moravian wines from grapes harvested in these vineyards.


Petr doesn’t only grow grapes and makes wine, but an important part of his holistic approach is to rear sheep, goats and bees to create balanced farming. 


This is his sparkling Creme de Pinot Noir


Korab - Creme de Pinot Noir

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