Winemaking runs deep in Constantina’s blood, from generation to generation her family have lived and made wine in Rias Baixas, and it’s on this same land that Constantina’s vines grow and on which she makes wine today.


The majority of Constantina’s vines are ungrafted and have significant age, a handful more than two centuries old.


Constantina is driven by Albariño and its relationship with the region’s soil types and climate.


Her vines are all they are trained in the traditional pergola method of Rias Baixas, growing along wires suspended by tall crude granite pillars creating a canopy that is raised somewhat from the ground, a necessary method in a region which receives over three
times the annual rainfall of London.

Though Constantina’s bodega is in the heart of Rias Baixas she chooses to work outside of the DO due to their restrictive and conservative rules which require wines to be filtered and mandatory levels of added sulphur in all wines that contain the DO’s stamp.

These are all restrictions which Constantina disagrees with and therefore she is not permitted to either label her wines with Rias Baixas or list the varietal on her bottles.


In her own words she says ‘my wines may not be perfect but they are honest and pure’.

Pergola trained vines from a single plot of 50 year old vines 1km from the Atlantic.


The grapes are macerated on skins for approximately 3 weeks (the duration of fermentation) after which the skins are removed and the wine is passed to open amphora.


The flor developed in November/December and preserved the wine until July when it started to reduce. At this point the wine is racked off and bottled.

Grapes: Albariño (100%)
Soil type: Decomposed granite
Elevation: 50-100m above sea level
Age of vines: 50 years
Production: 250 bottles
Sulfites added: none

Constantina Sotelo - Flor De Sotelo

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