Carles Mora Ferrer’s family have lived and made wine on this land for centuries.


In 1999 Carles Mora Ferrer, with grand ideas, began the slow process of replanting the 20ha vines that had traditionally surrounded his family’s finca and in 2008 began making wine again in the bodgea after almost 50 years of disuse.


It wasn’t long before he realised that he wanted to make wine naturally and only by hand, and 20ha was far too difficult to manage.


Now Carles and his friend and business partner Montse only utilise about 5-6ha for their own production. The rest of the grapes they machine harvest and sell to organic Cava producers.

Situated about 45 mins inland from the sea, the climate here is Mediterranean – mild in winter with only occasional snow and hot in summer, though the breeze from the sea comes around midday to cool the vineyard down, ensuring temperatures don’t soar and the grapes don’t bake.


Soil here is calcareous – high in limestone with a lot of broken quartz stone and pebbles.


Carles and Montse don’t use pesticides or fertilizers of any kind and don’t plough the land between the vines, instead allowing wild herbs and grass to grow, promoting biodiversity.


The vineyard is surrounded on all sides by forest or pasture so there is no cross contamination with neighbouring vines.

Clot de les Soleres’s MACBeu is their most entry level wine, with roughly 4,500 bottles produced, each bottle numbered by hand.


Vinification is simple – after grapes are harvested they are pressed directly without skin contact.


Fermentation and ageing takes place in stainless steel deposits where the wine rests over winter. In spring the wine is bottled on a “flower day” according to the lunar calendar.


2018 was a cool and rainy year.

Grapes: Macabeu (100%)
Soil type: Calcareous with broken quartz stone
Elevation: 300-320m
Age of vines: 15 years
Production: 4,500 bottles
Sulfites added: none

Clot de les Soleres - MACBeu

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