Gaillac is a particularly interesting region in terms of wine. Despite its geographically blessed coastal neighbour Bordeaux’s efforts to keep it down, it is one of the oldest winemaking regions in France, dating back to the Roman times.


It henceforth has a variety of interesting and well-adapted indigenous varietals. It is influenced by the Atlantic to the west, bringing moisture, the Mediterraneran to the south, bringing warmth, and the cool winds that come from the mountains to the east.

Sylvie, Philippe and their sons Pierre and Hyppolite manage their 70 hectares as a proper working farm, 20 hectares is under vine whilst the rest is grassland for their organic beef cattle, lentils and ancient grains for bread.


For Philippe and Sylvie, raising animals and making wine are symbiotic - the cows become an integral part of caring for the vines and their manure is an important base for the compost that they prepare to fertilise the vines. Vines are planted on a variety of terroirs including sand, schist, clay, limestone and worn pebbles.

Grapes harvested in mid September.


Fermentation is in fibreglass and ageing in cement vats.


To maintain the purity of the wine they don’t do any pumpovers, rather just pigeage and two rackings.


Temperature controlled during the fermentation to no more than 22 degrees. Pressed using a vertical press. 8 months in cement.


No fining or filtering and no additions.

Grapes: Braucol (55%), Syrah (35%), Duras (10%)
Soil type: A blend of sand, clay and limestone with a lot of boulbènes deposited from the
Tarn river over millennia.
Age of vines: 15 -30 years
Elevation: 150-250m
Sulfites added: none

Bois Moisset - Rinsotte

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