The new wine by Bernardo Estévez is the one that until now was called Issué, one of our favorites of Ribeiro, a very personal wine in a vintage of excellent maturity.


Treixadura, Lado, Silveiriña, Loureira, Albillo, Albilla, Verdello biodynamic crop from the O Curro and Os Casas vineyards that are planted in granitic soils with presences of clay, Firvidelas and O Fexaco with clay and sandy soils that are located in The area of ​​the valleys of San Amaro and San Vicente of the Orsenian municipality of A Arnoia at a height of between 120 and 250 m. above sea and different orientations.


Vineyards conducted in Guyot palisade and stake.


Vines between 15 and 95 years old.


Whole bunches with no destemming selected in the vineyard and on the table of the winery.


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation is carried out in oak barrels of 500 liters and fudres of 1,500 liters at a temperature of between 10ºC and 14ºC.


9 months of aging in French oak barrels of 500 liters. 

Bernardo Estevez - Chans e Lus Blanco

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