montxo martinez - bodegas yllera & Vivaltus

I'm delighted to have Montxo Martinez as the next installment of Meet Your Maker.

Montxo comes from a long line of family winemakers and currently produces a wide range of wines within the DO's of Rueda and Ribeira del Deuro

I'm pretty confident it's a name you will be hearing a lot of next year when their new project "Vivaltus" releases their first vintage some time next year.

It's a project alongside the Berrouet family, Jean Claude Berrouet was former winemaker at Petrus and Dominus and one of the most important families in wine.

Tim Atkin MW recently confirmed of Vivaltus, "The Grand Vin is one of my wines of the year"

This is definitely one to watch!

Your full name and Job Title

Montxo Martínez Matute.  Director of oenology at Bodegas Grupo Yllera (Grupo Yllera - VivaltuS). For me, i am very happy to say I am the winegrower at Bodegas Grupo Yllera.


How long have you been making wine


My first vintage as a professional was in 2001.


Tell us a bit about the winery and your vineyard location

Grupo Yllera is a family winery, located in Castilla Leon, one of the most important wine regions in Spain.


We have a winery in the DO Rueda, where we make our white wines, and frizzantes.


We also have another two wineries in the Ribera del Duero; one in Boada de Roa and another in Curiel de Duero (VivaltuS winery) 


VivaltuS is our latest project alongside the Berrouet family, one of the most important families of global oenology.


In the hands of Berrouet, we are developing our most premium wines, fresh, elegant wines, full of life.


We have about 200 hectares of vineyards owned, divided between Rueda and Ribera, and we directly control some 700 hectares of vineyards in full collaboration with our wine growers.


What varietals do you grow and which is your favourite

I work with a large number of varieties:


White varieties: Verdejo, which is the basis of all my elaborations of white, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscatel, Albillo,


Red varieties: Tempranillo, which is the basis of my red elaborations, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah.


It is difficult to choose between one of all the varieties with which I can make my different wines, it is like having to choose between who your favorite son is.


Each variety separately is unique, but they complement each other very well. I could not tell you which one is my favourite!

How would you explain your wine making style

I like to create wines with life, that are alive, fresh, elegant.


I try to make wines with as little intervention as possible, giving more prominence to the elegance than to the extraction. 


The grape should be the only protagonist, wines that speak of their origin, of their terroir.


It is a return to the origin, but helping us with all the technology we have today.

How did you get into wine

I entered the world of wine thanks to my father.


I am the fourth generation of my family dedicated to the world of wine.


We come from Ollauri, a town within La Rioja, located very close to Haro.


My great-grandfather, was the founder of Bodegas Berberana (Berberana no longer belongs to the family).


My father was the Technical Director of Bodegas Faustino in Oyón for many years.


30 years ago my father decided he wanted a new challenge and we left La Rioja to come to Rueda.,  Together with the family of an old friend, who trained together, they decided to start the project "Bodegas Grupo Yllera" of which we are now part of.


After my training, my father gave me the opportunity to learn together with him and I am currently the person in charge of all the elaborations of Grupo Yllera.


We have a winery in Rueda, where we make our white wines, and we also have another winery in the Ribera del Duero, in the municipality of Curiel, "VivaltuS", where we make our most special reds with the collaboration of the Berrouet family, hand in hand with Jean-Cloude Berrouet and his son Jeff.

What is your desert island wine if you could only pick one wine? (Can’t be your own!)


A Sherry from Jerez!


Who do you most admire in the wine industry


My two teachers: My father and Jean-Cloude Berrouet


Your favourite wine growing region (apart from your own!)


The Uco Valley - Argentina


One bit of advice you would give to aspiring winemakers

You must respect and care for the legacy (vineyards / Terroir) that is in our hands so that our children can enjoy them

For more information see;

Instagram - @montxo_winegrower / @bodegas_yllera / @vivaltus


Tel: 0778 0958 491