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If you asked me to pick my top 5 Spanish wineries at the moment i'd probably struggle for days and change my mind 1,546 times.  What i do know is that Suertes Del Marques would be somewhere on that final list.

Based in the North east of Tenerife in the Valle de La Orotava, Suertes Del Marques is a family winery that has been making wines since 2006.  All wines are produced focusing on indigenous varieties and with complete respect for the local environment; minimal intervention, indigenous yeasts, processes done by hand, avoidance of racking and minimal use of sulphur.  

The winery is made up of 11 hectares of various plots ranging from 300 to 750 metres above sea level, all with different aspects and soil composition.  They also work with 17 hectares from local growers at altitudes from 200-800 metres above sea level.

What is unique is the century old un-grafted vine stocks of Listand Negro and Blanco that make up the majority of their produce.  They also grow varieties such as Vijariego Negro, Baboso Negro, Tintilla, Pedro Ximénez or Albillo Criollo.

What is further unique is the pruning method used known as 'Cordon Trenzado' (braided cord).  In this method the vines are allowed to grow sideways forming arms, sometimes one arm but often there can be several!  

It's a unique region and Suertes Del Marques are producing some unique wines.

Your full name

Jonatan García: Cellar Owner and Wine grower

How long have you been making wine

In the Suertes Del Marques cellar from 2006 and full decisions have been with me for the last 3 years. Before that I had other winemakers working together with me

Tell us a bit about the winery and your vineyard location

The winery was established in 2006 but we were growers since 1986, selling grapes to other cellar of our appellation, Valle de La Orotava.


We are located in La Orotava town, in the north of Tenerife.


We own 9 hectares of old vines plus 2 rented. Also work with growers in another 17 hectares which goes to the village range of wines of our cellar.

What varietals do you grow and which is your favourite

We mainly have Listán Negro and Blanco, Castellana Negra, Baboso Negro, Vijariego Negro, Malvasia Rosada and Torrontés.


All are interesting but we were happy to discover in the last few years other ways of working with Baboso Negro and Vijariego Negro than before.

How would you explain your wine making style


We make fresh wines, wine to drink.


We try to work the wines as little as we can.


We avoid the use of pumps in most of our wines and we look for freshness, acidity and long finish.  It's very important for us to be in direct contact with our vineyards to check the best day for harvest.


We don’t use commercial yeasts and other cellar products that can modify the taste and aromas of our wines.

How did you get into wine

All of my studies had no relation to wine.

When I finished university and my Master studies I never thought that I will end up working with wines.


I was getting more involved each year in the wine and finally I left my comfortable job to work in my passion.


I think 100% of the year about wine and believe you should be very grateful when you work and live from your passion.

What is your desert island wine if you could only pick one wine? (Can’t be your own!)


it’s difficult to choose only one wine but as it may be hot on that island I will choose a Hallenberg from Emrich Schonleber or a Mersault from Coche Dury

Who do you most admire in the wine industry


I admire people that despite being very popular in the wine industry still has humility - one person would be Richard Leroy

Your favourite wine growing region (apart from your own!)



One bit of advice you would give to aspiring winemakers

Try to make the wines as they feel and not how the university tells you to make them.

Also drink a lot!  Drink wines from all parts of the world. For me it is one of the most important things that you have to do to learn about wines

For more information see;

Instagram - @suertesdelmarques


Tel: 0778 0958 491